Recipe For A Great Morning!

They say the way we start our mornings, has a big effect on how the rest of our day pans out.
Start out stressed, and the rest of your day will be stressed.
Start out happy, and the rest of your day will be happy.

The problem is that as soon as we open our eyes in the morning, our brain automatically starts up, and it begins to fill our mind with thoughts that sometimes seem to come out of nowhere. It could be thinking about something that happened yesterday, a problem you had, a situation that occurred, a conversation with your loved one, decisions you need to make, or it could be about all of the things that you have to get done today. 

Now, if your brain is filling your mind with happy thoughts and things you look forward to doing, then you are in luck and probably have your sh** together. However, for most of us it begins to fill the mind with worry and tasks which create tension and anxiety. Furthermore, many of us compound this problem by rolling over and checking our smart phones as soon as we open our eyes, and begin to stress our mind by reading work emails, reading news articles, or checking texts.

Our minds are very sensitive to perceived danger, and default to thinking and reminding us of things that we perceive to be bad, dangerous or scary. It does this in order to help protect us. The logic of the primitive mind thinks, hey if I can spot the dangerous and scary things for you, then you will be able to better prepare to fight or run away in time. The problem is that nowadays we don’t have dangerous dinosaurs roaming around the corner, and plus always thinking of scary or negative things incurs a lot of stress on your mind and body, which is bad. 

Why it’s a bad idea to check your phone when you wake up

  • News is FILLED with articles that affect our mind and mood in negative ways we don’t even realize.
    • Why? Because negative content gets more clicks since it exploits a primitive part of the human brain that looks for danger. You are much more likely to click on an article warning you of an impending economy collapse, then about an article saying that the economy is doing great!
    • Why? Because your subconscious wants to protect you from danger, so by learning about the dangers out there, you will presumably be able to avoid it and protect yourself.
    • The news is filled constantly about all kinds of problems around the world, murders, ISIS, house prices going up too fast, house prices coming down too fast, stocks prices increasing or decreasing, celebrities splurging on new exotic cars and houses, Cash me outside girl making millions on Only Fans… all leading you to fear, FOMO or that your life sucks, which ultimately causes MORE anxiety and depression.
    • The average click-through rate on headlines with negative superlatives was a staggering 63% higher than that of their positive counterparts.
  • Some articles are not necessarily about anything dangerous, for example the consistent barrage of articles about the Kardashians, and other celebrities that have a seemingly perfect life on social media, spending $30k on handbags, while there are millions of people unemployed, sick and dying of COVID.
  • What we don’t realize is these articles in fact do affect us negatively, because they make us feel that our life is somehow inadequate when compared to these perfect people, or at least that’s what they portray on their social media with all of the filters and comments and followers. Why is this bad? Psychologically, comparing yourself to others is a recipe for disaster because it will force you to see the GOOD about others’ lives, yet you know all of the good and BAD about your life! Do you see why this could be problematic?

Doing these negative activities in the morning, sets up our brain to activate fight or flight mode, which causes stress and anxiety.

The way we start our mornings, has a big effect on how the rest of our day pans out.
Start out stressed, and the rest of your day will seem stressed.
Start out happy, and the rest of your day will be happy.



  1. Sleep on time.
  2. Stop using electronic devices 30-60 minutes before bed time. This mainly means no phones, tables or TV.
  3. Don’t check your email or read the news when you wake up.
  4. Do the Miracle Morning Routine consistently. It’s a daily morning routine made popular by Hal Elrod, and it’s called the SAVERS routine, which stands for Silence, Affirmation, Visualization, Exercise and Scribing. If you want to try the routine. use The Miracle Morning Routine Journal, which has all of these sections in a Beautiful Daily Guided Journal. Makes it easy to remember the steps and track your progress.

After 30 days of doing the routine, I’d love to know if your morning has improve!

Good luck on your Miracle Morning Journey, you will love the results!