The perfect day starts at night

 7 Steps Stoic Routine

1. Journaling: Temperance

What actions today exhibited temperance or self-control?

2. Journaling: Courage

What actions today exhibited courage?

3. Journaling: Wisdom

What actions today exhibited winsdom?

4. Journaling: Justice

What actions today exhibited justice?

 5. Gratitude for what went well

Write down three things that you are grateful for today, and 3 goals for the day. These don’t have to be big elaborate things. They can be small and simple. Also, keep the goals just to the day!

6. Forgiveness

Spend some time writing down things that you forgive yourself or others for during that day.

7. Exercising (10-30 minutes)

Maybe this means going for a morning run before the sun wakes you, or doing some yoga. It doesn’t have to be anything rigorous, but some kind of activity is good.

Find your balance, energy & happiness the natural way.

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The way we start our day, sets the tone for the rest of our day

Tom Evans

For Your Health

Even a little bit of daily exercise can go a long way

How It Works



Silent or guided meditation



Few things you are grateful for today



List some goals for today only



Create an affirmation for yourself



Visualize your affirmation



Time to free write or journal



Read something new for your mind



Even some jumping jacks will do!

This journal is great - it lists all six SAVERS steps with checkboxes so you can check them off as you do them, plus you can circle how long you spent on them. There are spaces to write three things you're thankful for and three goals for the day. There's about a page and a half to journal in per day, which is plenty.

I like the preset sections of the miracle routine, allows me to remember all of the parts of my routine, and get it done first thing in the morning!

I bought this book to go with my Miracle Morning routine this year, 2021, and I love it. Use it every morning. Love how it has all the SAVERS right there for me and easy to follow and mark. Love how it gives me room to journal. If you are looking to start the Miracle Morning routine, I highly recommend this book to help you.

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